What did Jack Ma say in his speech while in the Philippines?

The visit of Billionaire and founder of Alibaba.com is nothing short of stellar, without a doubt Jack Ma was able to capture the attention of Filipinos on Facebook, even as he visits and does a courtesy call with the beloved President Duterte.

So what does Jack Ma one of the most inspiring men in the world had to say upon entering the Philippines? Here is a translated excerpt from the original live streaming video by De La Salle University by Myles Y. Tan.

  1. I believe it’s not the technology that changed the world, it is the dreamers behind the technology that changed the world.
  2. Today or in the future, we have to solve the problems through the dreams we believe in and using the technology we have. Jack Ma predicted that 80% of businesses will be created online.
  3.  Europe was able to experience the first technological revolution, the second technological revolution America was the country who greatly benefited, now Jack Ma states we are already entering the third technological revolution.
  4. It is not a technology that changed the world but the people who are using the technology. Electricity was not invented in America, but the Americans were able to use it. Cars were not made in America but they used it, they were able to shift from IT to DT which means information technology to data technology.
  5. Every technological revolution takes 30 years. Internet companies won’t win in the next 30 years, it’s the companies that take full use of the internet that will win in the next 30 years.
  6. 70% of the Philippines don’t have bank accounts and 99% are small businesses. Less than 3% use credit cards and it is literally impossible to have a bank on every island but data technology will help them get the money they need. Farmers cant sues the internet today, but because of mobile phones, they will- now everyone is equal.
  7.  In the last century, people focused on manufacturing, this century is all about service. Robots and AI took their jobs, and I think the Filipinos have the heart of service and great talents that other countries don’t have.
  8. So Many Filipinos are sending money back to the Philippines at a high cost, I wonder how people are receiving money at no cost.
  9. Many people are worried about technology but they should take full use of technology and embrace it.
  10. In the future, it won’t be made in China, or made in America or made in the Philippines. Products will be designed in America, manufactured in the Philippines and sold to China. The world supply chain will be glued together- they will be connected.
  11. In the future it will not be a business to consumer, rather it will be a customer for the business. Everything will be tailor-made, everything will be more fair and transparent due to the existence of Tech Preneurs.t
  12. Today 1.8 Billion people used the internet, in 10 years it will be 5 Billion. The Philippines need to Improve the speed of their internet.


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