Sabrina’s Kitchen Season 7: Healing and love through Food

Sabrina Artadi is the kind of cook that we have all been waiting for. Humble, focused and teaches from the heart. The first time I met her was at the Hineleban Cafe during the benefit concert and event for Marawi, she has this ability to fill the room with her vibrancy and warmth.

(c) Jhollow Ignacio

The event proper started at 4 pm, but even before that Sabrina Artadi made sure that everything was flowing well before the event started. From the dishes to the way the chairs and tables were designed. Every guest felt welcome and because of this, the event was an immense success.

(c) Jhollow Ignacio

(c) Jhollow Ignacio

She is described as the Nigella Lawson of the Philippines by the host, but Sabrina Artadi is Sabrina Artadi a class of her own. Unique and really inspiring.  During the event, she took the time to be authentic with the ingredients she was using in the meals she is preparing. I am not really a cook myself, but seeing how simple she made it look like- motivated me to learn several of the recipes myself.

She really took the intimidation out of cooking and just made meals out of love. Her main inspiration is her children, her family and it was really apparent that Sabrina Artadi has a warmth to give to her family and friends. Basti Artadi frontman of the band Wolfgang and at the same time her brother did not waste time and also came to support her sister.


(c) Jhollow Ignacio

The event at Hineleban Cafe is more than just a Celebrity show, the host Sabrina Artadi made sure people were informed of the valuable events occurring in the Philippines. She invited everyone to understand how one can help in the reforestation efforts in Mindanao and the love and light she wants to give our brothers in Bukidnon and Marawi.

Someone influential and powerful in the social circle is paving the way for light to enter in the Philippines and this event was one evidence that a breakthrough is coming. The presence of Waway Linsahay Saway and Renee Araneta Perrine spoke volumes. It was not just a simple gathering of socialites and guests as well as marketing people- rather if you seek and search long enough- there is a really loving and peaceful message being created here for the world to see and pattern from and the food served by Sabrina Artadi made it even more pronounced.


McCormick and New Balance are some of the sponsors that made this spectacular event possible.

Actress Cherie Gil, also attended the event, stating that this was indeed the group effort. Group energy and people energizing each other through important events. I am deeply looking forward to the show of Sabrina Artadi ” Sabrina’s Kitchen Season 7″ on GMA News Network in August. She promotes sensible products, healing products for the environment, and healing food and recipes. For how many shows are like this in the Philippines? It is a rare but important message to hear. I have one word for Sabrina Artadi and that is ” Authentic”.

Authenticity on television nowadays is rare. Sabrina Artadi is a definite gift and light coming to television!

Special thanks to Jhollow Ignacio Demo Chef at GMA Network for the Images

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