Products & Services

We will help you manage your online and offline marketing campaigns. Listen to your audience, and create compelling content, share your story across different online social media channels, and let us help you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. We are research and result oriented.

We have a group of social media influencers, copy writers and digital marketing strategists who can help you find out what people are saying about your brand vs. the competition.

Engage with legitimate Digital Influencers who have their effective social media platforms. Connect with more than 200,000 digital influencers and be partnered with the right influencer for your brand.


Learn how your marketing team can attract influencers and industry experts through expert coaching and creation of compelling content that increase your brand value. 88 ACE Productions provide the insight and expertise that you need to develop your own strategy.

Our Press Release is guaranteed to help you share your brand and new products and services worldwide. We go beyond traditional TV marketing and provide you the most updated ways to capture new customers using different channel platforms.