International Award Giving Body “The My Super Hero Awards 2018”: Now Open for Nominations-

Known as ” The My Super Hero Awards” the TMSHA is open to all organizations worldwide: large and small, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit. Nominations may be submitted by organizations or individuals and are open to more than 15 countries all over the world.

The International event is set to happen in Solaire Resort, where the recent ASEAN 2017 was held.


The awarding ceremony is a great time for companies and privately nominated individuals to get much-deserved recognition for their outstanding efforts. The awarding ceremony will be attended by CEO’s, entrepreneurs, SME’s, digital marketers, social media influencers including TV, Print and Radio personalities.



This year’s Business categories include:

  • Airline CEO of the Year
  • Bank CEO of the Year
  • Best New CEO of the Year
  • Female CEO of the Year
  • Start-up CEO of the Year
  • Healthcare CEO of the Year
  • Hospitality CEO of the Year
  • Visionary of the Year
  • Social Media Influencer of the Year
  • Documentary Film of the Year
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • Tech Company of the Year

Part II:

  • Rising Star of the Year
  • Marketing and event manager
  • Event tech expert of the Year
  • Social media coordinator of the Year
  • Creative director of the Year
  • Creative event caterer of the Year

Part III:

Best Regional

  • Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Hotel and Resort for Business Events
  • Convention and Exhibition Bureau
  • New Events Venue
  • Business Events Agency


This year’s partial list of nominees in the Philippines would include:

+ Inanc Balci | CEO of Lazada, the nation’s dominant online retailer and one of the most valuable companies
+ Noel Abelardo | CEO of Transportify, who is revolutionizing on-demand delivery
+ Bert Lina | Chairman of Air21, one of the Philippines largest freight and cargo forwarding company
+ Bernard Poplimont | Regional CEO of Puratos, who supplies finicky food products to most of Asia’s bakers
+ Elmer Sarmento | CEO of Royal Cargo, one of the region’s largest logistics groups with global operations
+ Monchu Garcia | Chairman of Rayomar, another of the nation’s largest logistics conglomerates
+ Constantin Robertz | MD of Zalora, the nation’s largest fashion-specific online retailer
+ Jay Ferrer | COO of Generika, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative supply chain pharma companies

Which categories can I nominate in?

My Super Hero Awards is inviting nomination submissions in all open categories. You may nominate in as many categories as you wish, and you may submit the same nomination across different categories.

During the shortlist process, The Awards committee may decide that your nomination is more fitting to a different category and you may be placed in that category instead.

When do nominations close?

Nominations for The My Super Hero Awards 2018 will close on Fri 22 December. The submissions considered will need to have taken place between January 2017 – December 2017.

How are the winners decided?

There are two ways that winners will be decided for The My Super Hero Awards 2018

Some of our categories will be open for public voting where the industry can vote online for their chosen winner.

The rest of our categories will be put forward to our international Judging Panel who will reach a decision after looking at all the evidence provided.

Is there a fee to nominate?

Download Nomination Form and send to and visit the official Social Media Page of The My Super Hero Awards 2018 for further instructions.


It’s completely free to nominate. The nomination fees were already carried on by International Sponsors.


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