Press Release

Be everywhere and anywhere on the internet and grab the attention of Corporate investors for your new start-up idea, as well as service and products.  Increase your media pick up and search visibility compared with your competitors through effective content and SEO marketing strategies. Let us help you reach the right distribution networks, content marketers, strategists and websites as well as social media influencers anywhere in the world.


In Asia, Celebrity influencers is still one of the best ways to market a product. We can help you connect with the right celebrity influencer to help your brand go viral.


We are here to professionalize your system, make it more efficient and conducive to corporate set ups while making sure that the brand remains relevant.

88 ACE Productions will help you go further and reach new audiences that are outside your niche. Don’t rely on traditional marketing to spread the word for you. Update your PR marketing strategy and be one of the first companies in the Philippines and Asia to offer formal press release statements for your products and services.

Become legit and professional!