Rise of Ecommerce Websites and Mobile Apps for Online Shopping

The popularity of online shopping in the Philippines continues to rise resulting in the development of e-commerce websites and mobile applications that sell various types of products to millions of customers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, specifically Central Luzon, Metro Manila, CALABARZON, Bicol Region, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro (CDO).

IMARK Web Design Philippines alone, a Web & App Development and SEO service provider, built hundreds of e-commerce websites and mobile apps for Filipino entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and large corporations targeting clients from a wide range of industries, such as real estate, banking and finance, insurance, automotive, fast food, tourism, gaming, media and entertainment, retail and consumer-product manufacturers.

Drop Shipping in the Philippines

Several clients of IMARK Web Design Philippines are running drop shipping business where they sell products on their websites and online shopping apps, but actually, don’t have the stock of products within their reach. For instance, you’re the retailer that runs an e-commerce business. When a customer on your site purchases an order, you transfer the order and shipment details to a manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the order to the customer. In terms of the payment process, your customer pays you then you pay the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler. When payment is received by either of these three, the order is shipped directly to your customer.

Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines

If there are e-commerce business owners that run drop shipping business in the Philippines, there are also entrepreneurs that earn money from retailers and directly from IMARK Web Design Philippines. These entrepreneurs do affiliate marketing where they send customers to retailers’ websites or to IMARK’s websites. When customers purchase an order, affiliates earn the commission.

Drop Shipping vs Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines

Almost all Filipino entrepreneurs do both. For them, where there is an income or profit to generate, then there is no reason not to monetize it. According to IMARK Philippines, all websites they develop and maintain are engaged in affiliate marketing with not just one partner but with more companies that allow affiliate programs. Based on IMARK’s 17Q3 report, each website promotes or advertises discounts, offers, or deals from at least five different industries such as real estate, automotive, banking and finance, tourism, and retail. This is supported by Google Philippines’ 2017 report on local search statistics where real estate and automotive top the searches made by Filipinos.

E-commerce Solutions by IMARK Web Design Philippines

Drop shipping is the easiest way for Filipino entrepreneurs to sell products online, especially when they have no idea what products to sell and what products are easily sold. IMARK Philippines developed IMARK Shop that collects thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers, including product description, images, and prices. IMARK Shop database is regularly updated. The online shop allows IMARK’s partners or retailers to choose from thousands of products in the shop and add them to their own shopping websites. Retailers are allowed to set their own prices. There is no conflict or competition with IMARK Shop because it does not sell products to public market. IMARK Shop is just a shop where all retailers can get products.

Shipping is not a problem. IMARK Philippines partners with different local and international shipping companies. When retailers’ customers purchase orders, the orders are shipped by IMARK’s partners directly to the customers. Retailers, however, may ship the products by themselves when they order products from IMARK Shop.

Retailers partnering with IMARK Shop, especially those without technical expertise always get technical assistance from the team of Web & App Development of IMARK Web Design Philippines. IMARK provides websites and mobile apps for Android and iOS. In addition, IMARK has teams of SEO specialists and digital marketing experts that help retailer make their own sites visible on Google search results and social media networks.


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E-commerce System for Online Shopping in the Philippines

IMARK E-commerce System is an advanced software and web-based system or program developed by IMARK Web Design Philippines that allows seamless management of products across multiple e-commerce platforms and affiliates’ websites. The system is used to power up IMARK Shop and all of its retailers’ websites and mobile applications running on Android and iOS.

It is connected to Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3dcart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Ecwid, Weebly, and Blogger via API and embedding scripts. The system also includes CRM, Analytics, and Shipping & Inventory Management.

In 2017, IMARK Web Design Philippines started developing machine learning technologies or Artificial Intelligence for email marketing and customer service.

Ecommerce Website for Filipino Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Most retailers of IMARK Shop are using WordPress, where WooCommerce is installed. This is the plugin that they use to offer bookings, membership and affiliates, recurring subscriptions, offer free or flat rate shipping, make real-time calculations, manage payment methods, check all orders, update coupons, see statistics reports, keep track of inventory, and manage products and its description, images, and prices. Check the most affordable ecommerce website in the Philippines.

Ecommerce Mobile App for Filipino Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Because you go where customers are, having mobile apps for your store will surely increase your sales. IMARK Web Design Philippines provides an ecommerce mobile app that your customers can download from Google Play and Apple App Store. By having both websites and mobile apps, chances are your store will be able to reach more customers, which will result in an increase in sales. Check the most affordable ecommerce mobile app in the Philippines.

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