Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily voted for The My Super Hero Awards

Nuseir Yassin, the creator behind the viral videos of Nas Daily has officially been nominated as one of the Most Influential Vloggers in the world. Nas as he is often called, quit his job at Venmo New York City at age 25 because he felt something was missing. Despite earning $120,000 in a hi-tech company every year, Nas felt that he was not living his life to the fullest.

Because of this, he decided to quit his job and do more adventures. Nuseir Yassin together with his girlfriend has already traveled to numerous places in the world from Nigeria to Myanmar, Mount Fuji to the Philippines. He conceptualized the 1-minute shows to provide limelight to people’s stories and the ones who need it the most. Whether it be good or bad, and in between.

Nas Daily is considered to be one of the most viewed and viral video creators in the world. Nas Daily is already a familiar show globally and has managed to feature some of the best stories the world has known.

The show has already reached 1.4 million likes and has achieved more than 200 million views. The daily video diary has already amassed a huge following and has inspired countless of dreamers to be faithful to adventure and live the life they always wanted.

Nas Daily has been nominated for its ability to reshape the way we tell stories. The concept is simple and on point and is one of the most creative formulas to capture the attention of people anywhere in the world. Nuseir  Yassin was also instrumental in making the Asian country Philippines become better known. The way Nas Daily expressed their love for the Philippines and the Filipinos were monumental to helping the country to be represented in a positive light.

The My Super Hero Awards 2018 recognizes the most successful and innovative businesses and influencers in Asia. The 2018 awards will honor corporations and individuals who have delivered outstanding results as well as those who have made a vital contribution to the vibrancy of numerous entrepreneurial pursuits. This includes those that are affecting changes in the realm of tech, creative entertainment, social media, humanitarian efforts, sports and organizations and individuals who are active in public service.



The International event is set to happen in Solaire Resort, where the recent ASEAN 2017 was held.

The awarding ceremony is a great time for companies and privately nominated individuals to get much-deserved recognition for their outstanding efforts. The awarding ceremony will be attended by CEOs, entrepreneurs, SMEs, digital marketers, social media influencers, and TV, print and radio personalities.



This year’s Business categories include:

  • Airline CEO of the Year
  • Bank CEO of the Year
  • Best New CEO of the Year
  • Female CEO of the Year
  • Start-up CEO of the Year
  • Healthcare CEO of the Year
  • Hospitality CEO of the Year
  • Visionary of the Year
  • Social Media Influencer of the Year
  • Documentary Film of the Year
  • Social Media Campaign of the Year
  • Tech Company of the Year

Part II:

  • Rising Star of the Year
  • Marketing and event manager
  • Event tech expert of the Year
  • Social media coordinator of the Year
  • Creative director of the Year
  • Creative event caterer of the Year

Part III:

Best Regional

  • Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Hotel and Resort for Business Events
  • Convention and Exhibition Bureau
  • New Events Venue
  • Business Events Agency
  • This year’s partial list of nominees in the Philippines would include:

Inanc Balci | CEO of Lazada, the nation’s dominant online retailer and one of the most valuable companies
+ Noel Abelardo | CEO of Transportify who is revolutionizing on-demand delivery
+ Bert Lina
 | Chairman of Air21, one of the Philippines largest freight and cargo forwarding company
+ Bernard Poplimont | Regional CEO of Puratos who supplies finicky food products to most of Asia’s bakers

+ Lourdes Duque Baron |CEO of Timeless Entertainment Inc. and Feeling Good at Any Age Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy

+ Tony Tan Caktiong, Founder and Chairman of Jollibee Foods Corporation

+ Ya- Chi Tung | Touch of Green, China Television Service

+ Ku- Cheng Wang| Chimestone Digital Productions Co. Ltd.

To learn more about the International Awards visit: and

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