New Guinness World Record for Sports Stacking on a Single Day Achieved

Seremban, NS-  Students and teachers of Matrix Global Schools (MGS) hosted neighboring schools together and they helped create a new set of Guinness World Record for the most number of people in multiple locations doing sport stacking on a single day.
Sports stacking has been termed a “track meet for your hands at warp speed.”  It’s an exciting sport where students up stack and down stack 
12 specially designed cups called Speed Stacks in predetermined sequences as fast as they can. Stackers race against the clock, compete in relays and often combine sports stacking with fitness challenges as part of physical education classes. 

The number of people reached 635,000 and this led to achieving the world record.
 To achieve this Guinness book of record, participants were asked to cup stack for at least 30 Minutes

 To achieve this record, participants had to be cup stacking for at least 30 minutes. Sports stacking also known as sports stacking is an inclusive sport that is suitable for young, old 

and even people with disabilities.

It was developed by a physical education instructor who wanted a beneficial activity for students even when the weather was not good. Studies have shown that cup stacking helps improve concentration, hand-eye movement and activate the brain. The lessons enhance children’s ability to goal setting, focus and to be resilient.

 Mr. Felix Lee, CEO of Matrix Global Schools stated, ” This Stack Up Event is not only a great way to engage student leaders but more importantly I believe that this activity will be highly beneficial to the development of movement of the younger ones” 

By the end of the day, the final number of stackers that passed through the room was tallied and the total number of people who stacked at MGS was a blistering 1, 792. This was larger than any other country in Asia and the Asia Pacific.

According to Bob Fox, WSSA Founder, the Guinness event is a wonderful way to bring together sports stackers across the globe. ” Sports stacking is an activity enjoyed by all ages and cultures. It promotes hand-eye coordination, brain activation, and fitness.
Mark Lee a Singapore entrepreneur and Director is an advocate of Sports Stacking. Mark Lee aims to reintroduce this valuable sporting activity in the Philippines and hopes to encourage schools to participate in a mentally stimulating project that will both improve focus and increase the fun of learning.

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