Ice Cream served with real Gold now open in Makati

November 22, 2017- People who are searching for the next big thing when it comes to restaurants would be delighted to find out that one of the most popular dessert cafes in Korea has now arrived in the Philippines.

Kiss the Tiramisu has a Philippine branch located on Valero Street in Salcedo Village, Makati City. Jiro Kim the founder of Kiss the Tiramisu, explored on what would happen if they made tiramisu ice cream and tangy mascarpone cheese, with the best fresh milk in Korea. The formula was so successful they were able to branch out in areas like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia and a new branch in Australia.

The soft serve is a delight and unique due to the addition of gold-rimmed acrylic glass and layers of cooking and syrups as well as cakes that the restaurant offers. In the Philippines, they have 4 variants.


First-timers can’t go wrong with the Original Tiramisu — deliciously creamy and milky mascarpone soft-serve in between layers of coffee-soaked cake, swirls of coffee sauce, and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. A bite will make you understand why people line up for this treat even when it’s winter.

One of Kiss the Tiramisu’s most popular flavors worldwide is the Matcha Ice Cream, which will have matcha lovers swooning. Luscious matcha sauce joins with coffee-soaked cake, and mascarpone ice cream, with a sprinkling of matcha powder to finish. It’s a balanced bite of sweet, tangy, and that addicting bitterness of the matcha flavor.

In the Philippines, the branch has also added soft serves with ube, caramel custard or leche flan, barquillos and drizzled caramel along with some edible gold leaf.  They have also included ladyfingers soaked in Korean Coffee as part of their delectable offers.

 Now, the way they serve their tiramisu ice cream is that they give you two spoons – one gives you a scoop of the soft-serve and the other one hits the mascarpone cheese. It is placed in these plastic golden goblets that you can actually take home! All of their ingredients including these goblets are imported from South Korea.
They have also included a Filipino style soft serve with Chef Kat Diploma, this one has ube cake, ube sauce, leche flan, and real edible 24K gold leaf.

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