Call for donations to help the Locals of Manicani in Eastern Samar against Human Rights Violations

November 26, 2017– The Environmental Rights and Legal Remedies in the Philippines AY 2017-2018, in partnership with ELSA, AHRC, PALLADIUM and the ALS Student Council proudly present MANICANI: HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND LARGE-SCALE MINING THREATS.
The locals of Manicani, an island ecosystem in Eastern Samar, protest the human rights violations and attempts at large scale mining in their areas. If continued, there will be nothing left but the hollowed grounds caused by mining. When this happens, the local communities will lose their homes and their livelihood. Help save the environment; help save Manicani.

1. Donate in cash or in kind.
2. To learn more about the campaign, attend the forum on 29 November 2017, from 10:00 am to 12:00 nn, at the B1 Auditorium, Ateneo Law School, Rockwell campus.
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