Boy Abunda’s book ” Its Like This” Book Launch

Boy Abunda’s book “It’s like This”- is what any close friend of Abunda would expect- a breath of fresh air and authenticity. It contained glimpses and episodes of how a Boy Abunda was able to rise through it all. If you are wondering how a Boy Abunda was able to become successful in the world of entertainment filled with intrigue and found the answers in the book ” It’s Like This”.


It was simple to understand, the formula of Boy Abunda is honesty, authenticity, and willingness to look back and recognize people who have helped him along the way. During the book launch, several celebrity friends and supporters and key people in the industry gave their share of support and encouraging stories to help readers and guests to understand the depths of the mind of a Boy Abunda.

Sitti Navarro, Gelli De Belen, Leo Consul, Rhodora Morales, Bianca Gonzales, Flor Santos and Nini Borja gave their favorite lines from the book and expressed their support and admiration for Boy Abunda who is a friend and constant supporter in their own respective careers.

LA Santos , Sitti Navarro and Leo Consul gave power packed performances before the book launch was held.

With the help of Bemz Dumlao Benedito ( Sinta ng LGBT), the event pulled through and became one of the most successful books launching from ABS-CBN publishing this year.

Ona Lara Unico and Betcha Raniezes were also steadfast in giving support and making sure that the event will be a successful one. Rhodora Morales one of the special guests during the book launching, was emotional as she mentioned how she admires Boy Abunda’s exemplary love for his mother as shown in the campaign “Make Your Nanay Proud”.

Guests were given the chance to ask Boy Abunda questions, and Asia’s King of Talk did not hold back. He gave heartfelt, direct and power packed answers that surely satisfied the crowd. When asked by 88 Ace Productions, digital marketer representative if Abunda has plans to have an online show, the answer was a resounding yes. Abunda recognizes the need to use social media to make changes on a larger scale. Instead of bashing one another on social media- the platform can instead be used for the good.


Boy Abunda encouraged people to stay steadfast with their dreams- and to not shy away from being multi-taskers. There is nothing wrong with doing everything. He says you can become an actor, a producer, an author, a director- anything that you want and that we must remove the stigma that is associated with people who try to do them all in this lifetime.

The book signing started at 4 pm and Abunda diligently stayed and signed all the books of the people who came and lined up to support.

The book launch for ” It’s Like This” has gathered more than 400 guests, a long queue showing a massive support Asia’s King of Talk that is Boy Abunda including Kim Henares and other LGBT groups including members from the Metropolitan Community Church ( MCC)

For those who were not able to get a copy, it is now available on National Book Store for only 275.

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