Angel Locsin, Sarah Geronimo, Maine Mendoza and Kathryn Bernardo competes for Most Influential Actress Award

November 24, 2017- An International Awarding body, the ” My Super Hero Awards 2018″ has nominated 4 Influential actresses in the Philippines.


Angel Locsin, Sarah Geronimo, Maine Mendoza and Kathryn Bernardo have all been perceived as some of the most endearing and influential actresses in the Philippines.

After months of online voting, the Filipinos have spoken and nominated their top 4.  The current online votation is still happening. 80% of the criteria will be awarded to the most popular Filipina actress online while International judges from different parts of Asia will finally decide who deserves to be the ” Most Influential Actress in the Philippines.”

The Winner of the Awards will be attending with more than 100 Nominated CEO’s all over the world in the Prestigious Hotel in Asia Solaire.

This year’s partial list of nominees in the Philippines would include:

+ Inanc Balci | CEO of Lazada, the nation’s dominant online retailer and one of the most valuable companies
+ Noel Abelardo | CEO of Transportify, who is revolutionizing on-demand delivery
+ Bert Lina | Chairman of Air21, one of the Philippines largest freight and cargo forwarding company
+ Bernard Poplimont | Regional CEO of Puratos, who supplies finicky food products to most of Asia’s bakers
+ Elmer Sarmento | CEO of Royal Cargo, one of the region’s largest logistics groups with global operations
+ Monchu Garcia | Chairman of Rayomar, another of the nation’s largest logistics conglomerates
+ Constantin Robertz | MD of Zalora, the nation’s largest fashion-specific online retailer
+ Jay Ferrer | COO of Generika, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative supply chain pharma companies

Solaire Hotel and Casino is also the same venue of the ASEAN 2017.  My Super Hero Awards 2018.

The MY SUPER HERO AWARDS 2018 recognizes the most successful and innovative businesses and influencers in Asia. The 2018 will honor corporations and individuals who have delivered outstanding results, as well as those who have made a vital contribution to the vibrancy of numerous entrepreneurial pursuits, including the ones that are effecting changes in the realm of Tech, Creative Entertainment, Social Media, Humanitarian efforts, Sports and organizations and individuals who are active in public service.

In addition to the awards presentation, sponsors and invited guests will enjoy an exclusive gala dinner and will have the opportunity to network with senior-level executives, local and international dignitaries from different parts of the world including media influencers. All this ensures that MY SUPERHERO AWARDS is an event opportunity that should not be missed.

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