8-year-old kiddie beatboxer Zipporah stuns everyone with her magical mouth

After hitting more than 2million views on Filipino Vines, the 8- year old kiddie beatboxer Zipporah stuns everyone with her magical beatboxing skills in the hit TV show Little Big Shots hosted by Billy Crawford.

Beatbox is one of the most complex and most interesting elements of Hip-Hop music. Filipinos have taken a keen interest in the art of beatboxing. Interestingly, the child wonder Zipporah was trained and coached by her father Jehu Temelloso one of the founding members of the Premier Beatbox group Microphone Mechanics.Beatboxing is one technique that could be used in order to become an effective singer and even as a composer.

Microphone Mechanics is a member of the Philippine Human Beatbox Alliance. Microphone Mechanics is a Beatbox Acapella group in the Philippines and the first official Beatbox group in the Philippines to have released their album in the country.

Zipporah Beatbox is a product of years and years of hard work and training and has naturally blossomed into one of the most charming and truly entertaining performers to have set foot on the Philippine stage.


It is undeniable that Hip-Hop and Beatbox is spreading like wildfire in the country and is mostly the one used to convey what the majority of Filipinos want to say.


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