5 Reasons Why Entering Awards Is Good For Your Business

No matter what size and kind your business are, entering official business awards and receiving an award onstage from local to the nation, industry-based or with specific criteria you can gain immediate rewards that no other PR marketing campaign can provide.

In Asia right now and globally there are high profile award-giving bodies like The My Super Hero Awards that you can enter, events such as this gives you endless marketing opportunities.

Attend and join different types of awards, you will never know which type of customer and leads you will be able to get by simply attending.

1. Free Online Marketing and PR

Receiving an award in front of 300 or more delegates from different business sectors is always one of the best and easiest way to do effective PR marketing. Business awards improve your brand awareness and help you get maximum media PR exposure.

Most awarding groups have their own website, online magazines, and most awards that are being held is a free opportunity to put your logo out there and make yourself known. Winning and receiving an award on stage is just a bonus. The photos that you will get from the main event can be used for endless PR marketing materials that your company will release.

Attending an award is getting the possibility of receiving contracts, finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets you never thought was possible.

2. Get to Know Competitors

During prestigious awarding ceremonies, you gin the chance to interact and see a different perspective. Get a better impression of competitors and of what they are capable of. An awarding ceremony allows you to get a closer glimpse with other markets and ways that you can create more opportunities for your company.

3. Increased credibility

Simply being nominated in the community and shortlisted by a 3rd party endorser for your business is a great sign of acknowledgment. The mere fact that they know you and the name of your business is one sure measurement that your marketing materials are working out for you. A win will give you the seal of approval, the certifications and trophies you will receive that day can also be proudly displayed in the office and used as a marketing tool when you post your products online.

4. Boost Employee motivation

If you are looking for a way to let your employees know that they are doing a great job, and you want to boost their morale, what better way than to nominate them for an award? Receiving an award from a third party provider gives it even more credibility.  The staff could be invited to a glitzy awards ceremony or dinner which can yield networking opportunities as well as being a great night out after a long and tiring year of doing business.

5. Attract talent

 Business awards validate your hiring stature among new recruits. By pitching yourself as the best you can attract the talent you need to push your business forward. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits. Give the employees and customers something to talk about.

Get nominated, receive the award and maximize the PR marketing opportunities!

International Award Giving Body “The My Super Hero Awards 2018”: Now Open for Nominations-


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