4 Reasons Why Kindness is Doing Good for your Health

Lending a Hand

When you help others, you are also helping yourself. In a 5-year study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health, they found out that people 65 and older who didn’t help their friends or neighbors out had 30% higher chance of dying after a stressful event like a job loss, compared with those who are generous. Volunteering for a good cause can give you a great sense of purpose, which may lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke, according to an analysis created on 136,000 subjects done through volunteer match- this includes everything from grant writing to cat rescue.

Love Your Friends

People who have meaningful connections with friends, have improved blood pressure levels and their diet also is better, they are also more inclined to exercise according to a study released by the University of North Carolina.

Being True to Yourself

In Psychosomatic Medicine study, they have proven that women who do not speak about their problems and are silent about it like marital conflict are more likely to die over a 10year period, compared with others who honor their feelings and express it in different ways.

Maintaining Eye Contact

At times, in a really busy world, people will forget to say hi or  make eye contact to people who serve their coffee, or people who drive for them- but making eye contact and chatting with a barista or a cab driver about interesting things and even just about general things in life help you boost your positive mood.


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